Armaf Aura Cologne by Armaf, Armaf Aura is a unique fragrance suited to both men and women. Its enticing top notes combine fresh fruit essences such as apple and lemon for a crisp entrance, mixed with a spicy emphasis from black cardamom. The entrance fades into the middle notes that include an oriental mix of pepper and floral fragrances such as geranium, iris, violet and lavender. The scent finishes with warm notes of woodsy amber, musk and sandalwood for a strong base that has moderate longevity and doesn’t overpower. This is an aromatic scent that delivers fresh and spicy impressions.

Armaf is a global luxury brand that is part of the Sterling Parfums family of fragrances. The fragrances are packaged in unique designs that conjure images of glamour and sophistication for both men and women. Armaf fragrances are timeless and classic. They are competitively priced to suit demanding budgets but also richly scented to provide a memorable fragrance experience. All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.


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ARMAF – Aura men 100ml