ARMAF Beau Elegant by ARMAF Perfume. When you choose to add ARMAF Beau Elegant to your fragrance collection, you’ll have access to a sophisticated blend of fruity and floral aromas. Top notes include orange blossom and freesia complemented by the fresh and fruity blend of green apple and apricot. The middle notes you’ll leave in your wake include magnolia, rose and jasmine. Another floral note is orris which is actually a root but smells more like slightly bitter violets.

ARMAF is a perfume company out of the United Arab Emirates which began selling perfumes in 2014. This perfumery exists under the umbrella of the Sterling Perfumes family and benefits from the larger company’s global image. This scent showcases the company’s willingness to boldly combine frit and floral notes with green and woodsy bases, such as the musk, amber and softwoods used here. The subtle hint of vanilla helps this already feminine scent take on an elegant bouquet.


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