One use of Najdia by Lattafa will make you fall in love with it. In every event, it will enhance your personality. As we know, the person who smells good, receives compliments good. It will make you enchanted and charming among all. Everyone would have the desire to be closer to you and to increase intimacy with you. During summers, men mostly smell bad from armpits but no worries because this magical toner will cover up all the stinky smell of your body. You can wear it daily. It has no harmful effect on the skin instead it will keep you fresh in your sweaty day. Sweat is the worst problem of summers and the smell it leaves behind is miserable. But with Najdia, you will have a calm and soothing day. After evaporation, it will give you a cooling effect that you would love. Make your life magical and romantic with Najdia by Lattafa.

1 review for Lattafa Najdia With Deo 100ml

  1. Javed ahmed

    Only perfume 1800 ? Or perfume+ body spray 1800 ????

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Lattafa Najdia With Deo 100ml