Pure Rouge by Lamis Perfume. Launched in an unknown year, Pure Rouge is a women’s fragrance. The scent opens with spicy pepper. Lavender gives a subtle floral flavor to the heart. The base is grounded in woody cedar. The simple creation is sure to delight for a light scent that entices the senses bringing out you’re your seductive side. The deep red of the bottle captures the sexy edge of the fragrance contained within its glass confines.

Spanish company Creation Lamis has been creating fragrances since 1984. No longer staying on the European continent, they have met fan’s requests for worldwide distribution bringing their high-quality fragrances to the customers across the globe. Capture the memories of every occasion or moment with a well-crafted perfume for men and women. Their decorative bottles bring a sense of style to any shelf. Leave behind a captivating impression without breaking the bank to do so. Smell their line and see for yourself.


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