CLUB DE NUIT INTENSE MEN – ARMAF Eau De Toilette 105 ML Cologne by Armaf,

This fragrance was released in 2015. A fruity smoky scent that presents like a rich luscious high-end cologne. You will be pleasantly surprised at the value of this affordable scent. An enticing blend that you will be completely captivated by. The dry down will amaze your senses as it just keeps getting better and better.

Club De Nuit Intense is a premium-grade perfume and is a definite top of its league alpha’s choice. It defines your persona and instills confidence in you.  You can present this to your friends on their special days like birthdays or marriage.

This unique fragrance is designed to inspire the most passionate and forward-moving men who purely refuse to stand still and are always striving to seek perfection. The aroma is very striking but subtle at the same time and is sure as hell manly.


Embark on an exciting journey to find a signature perfume
that reflects the contemporary world with its fragrant and design tuning – full of contradictions and changes. A very fresh accessory for the modern gentleman, it is suitable for year-round wear, for day and evening occasions. You will make an impression with him in the office and during leisure activities. No woman can resist his manly strength!
  • Citrus, Water, Floral, Woody, Musky
  • A combination of fresh and spicy chords
  • Trendy Red design with leather elements
  • Successful modern use of oriental heritage
  • Excellent value for money


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Club De Nuit Intense Men 105ml